Saturday, July 31, 2010

Birdie Card -Unity KOM stamp

Birdie Card
First card in the new craft room.  Unity SOM colored with Prima pencils.  I made a set of four for my friend "Chirpie". 

New Crafty Room, New Blog

Well I have taken the plunge, I have updated my craft room.  Or to be more exact "the man who follows me around" has redone my craft room for me.  So with that I thought why not a new blog, too? 

Now part of me wishes I had before pictures so you could really see how much of an improvement this is.  The other part of me is glad they don't exist. Before pictures of my craft room could have gotten me an episode on Hoarders. 

So here it is:

Now I am looking for a comfy red desk chair.  Plus I guess i have no excuse not to use this room.