Monday, February 28, 2011

Where did February go?

Why does February feel so much shorter than the other months?  It's only 3 days, but it feels like a week.  March seemed to arrive the week after Valentine's Day.  So what happened to February?

Things I did in February:
  • Started using my treadmill daily- progress has been slow and steady. 
  • Made cards and spent a large amount of time in my crafty room several days each week.  I have also cleaned and organized it several times only to clutter and disorganize it again.  For a long time, I blamed the clutter on not having adequate storage, since "the man who follows me around" refurished the whole room in wonderful Ikea storage units I must admit it is ME.  It's simply the way I work or rather play.  When I was little I dumped all my toys out of my toybox and onto the floor, too.
  • Sat through Sanctum.  I followed "the man who follows me around" into the theater.  Did not enjoy it.  It's a movie about people being trapped underwater in caves, you know going in it will be poorly lit and everyone is going to all die but the kid, predictable.
  • Went to two state parks and walked trails.  Not long ones, but they were enjoyable, the weather was nice and Spring like. 
  • Went antiquing - didn't buy anything. It was more about the daytrip out of town then about acquiring things.  We had a nice trip to Hendersonville, just wandered around the shops and had lunch. I saw several cool things, including a china tea set just like one I got for Christmas when I was litte.  I kept asking myself,  "Do I want to dust this?  Where will I put it?"  I did not see any postcards, old photographs or other old paper I just had to bring home.  Postcards and stuff like that take up much less room, don't require dusting and can be used on craft projects.  Problem is I always have second thoughts about using them.  That's why I currently have over 600 postcards and a large rubbermaid storage bin full of vintage greeting cards from the 50's and 60's. 
  • Sorted and organized those 600 postcards into photograph albums.  This is so I can actually begin to use them in projects.  Maybe if I can easily see what I have I will actually use it. 
  • Failed to blog or post any crafty things at all!